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Find a Needle In a Haystack

Indexed Enterprise Knowledge

BlueFlame can index entire research folders, data rooms, inboxes, and shared drives

Pairing Search With Action

BlueFlame can automate across SaaS solutions, proprietary systems, and niche, alternatives
-focused software

BlueFlame Meets You Where You Work Today

BlueFlame works in 1:1 chats, group chats, and channels.
Built on top of and integrates with your favorite Copilot solutions.

Made for Alternative Investment Managers

BlueFlame is customizable to a variety of use cases with Recipe design. Pre-built Recipes are available for common uses:

Investor Relations & Marketing

Automate drafts of context-driven, replies to investor requests, as well as automated periodic outreach that generates content based on the prior conversation thread.

Natural language interface with your CRM.

Investment Research

Generate market studies and analyses that include growth rates, TAMs, solutions providers, and market intel for an initial read into a new space.

Natural language queries of market data, earnings transcripts, expert network calls, market data, and SEC filings.

Deal Diligence

Find past deals in a given space with ease. Load in a deal data room to allow for dynamic Q&A, to auto-generate draft investment memos or decks, or to help with deal analysis.

Compliance & Security

SOC2 certified at launch and built by security and compliance professionals, with a full SEC 17(a)-4 archive

BlueFlame AI has saved my team time and improved our decision-making process. They knew my business and tailored the process to a number of my senior team members, providing a white glove approach.

- Partner, $15B+ AUM PE Firm in NYC.